Thursday, June 11, 2009

we eat at waaaaay too many places!

Sometimes I don't know whether we're being slack with our blogging and photo's ........ but then I think we just eat at waaaay too many places to keep up with! ;-)

You even see us here, in Koh Samui, stopping in at Starbucks. And we certainly haven't come for the coffee. We put in a full day taking advantage of the wireless service, to try and get some blogs knocked out. It feels rather strange blogging about Japan while we're in Thailand. hehehe and again now blogging about Thailand while we're back home in Japan.

I did enjoy my coffee and had a caramel wafer to go with it. Placing it on top of the hot coffee for a few seconds left a gooey caramel inside. mmmmm

Koh Samui

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