Thursday, June 11, 2009

Who are you calling duck face?

On the inside track again with our friend Mike taking us to an Issan place away from all the touristy side of Samui. Lured with promises of exotic tidbits we arrive at a place on the ring road up past Chawaeng, we know what we're after but once again we are baffled at the the absence of these items on the English menu. With a quick mime and some broken Thai we're back on track, a few minutes later and the dish of deep fried duck bills and tongues are on the table. With a quick dip into the chilli on the side and it's mouth to mouth for these tasty morsels deep fried enough that most of the bill becomes crunchy they soon disappear. Yum a new dish to the repertoire and some new Thai words for the future, Bet bart tod _ duck face deep fried.

Koh Samui

Not wanting to waste we followed up with a spicy larp made from the rest of the duck.

Koh Samui

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