Friday, June 5, 2009

Lawn bowls and som dtam

What type of fool goes out in the heat of the midday sun in Koh Samui and decides to play lawn bowls? Well apparently we do.
Off Samui's ring road down to the south in Ban Taling Nam an English couple by the name Lisa and Rodger have set up a bowling green with bar attached and it's a great way to pass the time while enjoying a few drinks. I do suggest that you go towards the later end of the day, as we found when the sun is beating down you can only manage a couple of ends before retreating to the shade covered bar (not such a bad thing).

Koh Samui
bowls surrendered to the sun

Bordering the greens all sorts of local delicacies grow from banana, papaya, baby pineapple and betel leaves, this led to discussion of what to do with all this produce and resulting in us ending up with two very handsome green papayas for dinner. A quick ride past the local market to grabs a few extra veges and a whole roasted chicken and we were set.

Koh Samui
papaya retrival

We pounded the green papaya up into a som dtam and served it with the roast chicken, some cucumber, wing beans, apple eggplant and sticky rice.

Koh Samui

Not a bad effort at a pinch. We get by.

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