Monday, September 28, 2009

Another day at the office ..

.. and here we are trying to find the ultimate chipping spud. Of course, it has to be a local variety so on we march we the daunting task of chopping, blanching, frying and ultimately trying various types of potatoes ....

In an equal 2nd place, we had the King Danshakyu and new season Toya's. Only to find out the King Danshakyu are only available 2 months of the year .... #fail

Chips Chips

The clear winner was the Kita-akari potato; cut, boiled, then oil blanched at 150C and then fried at 180C. The fries on the left were only blanced then fried at 180C, but the extra effort to double fry them really shows.


Okay, it's back to work for us ... who know's what next on the cards.

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