Saturday, September 26, 2009

Niseko Sakura Week

All these things we find out about just by stumbling across some little random flyer that's all in Japanese ... and then find out it's something so cool as the annual Niseko Sakura week. Ton's of little restaurants and shops around the village participate in this week long event, with special Sakura menu's and products. We found out about it a little to late, but still managed to fit in two samplings.

The first one comes from the Niseko Fromage.

Sakura Week

They make a range of different string cheeses, which is almost like a stringy mozzarella. Our favorite to date had been the wild garlic. But they were offering one that had been aged with a sakura, or cherry blossom.

Sakura Week

It was delicious! The cherry blossom flavor was mild, but it was there. I think we planned to use it in a salad or something but kinda remember just munching away the whole thing ....

Sakura String Cheese

Then Pension Brook, who are located in Higashiyama, where we get some delicious smoked salmon and octopus for the deli from, were doing smoked little fishies with Sakura.

Sakura Week

We will definitely be more aware of it's happenings next year, and try to get to a few more places.

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