Saturday, September 26, 2009

You're allergic to what? and Congratulations !!

Kris, Chika & Michiko on Wedding Day

Oh Chika, you are one amazingly special girl ;-) Any outing with Chika is bound to be packed with excitement! I should also use this opportunity to congratulate Chika and Kris on their wedding day Friday, 25th September .... Due to unforeseen and sudden abdominal pains, which meant me spending my Friday in the clinic getting x-rays of my tummy to find out my small intestines were 4 times the size they should have been ... sadly meant we missed their wedding. I had been looking forward to attending the traditional Japanese ceremony for months ... Kim even bought a jacket just for the occasion, but want you both to know that we were thinking about you and sending our regards. Congratulations and here's to a wonderful future for an amazing couple !!

Anyway, back to the allelergy. Chika has one of those allergy's to mushroom where she can not eat them, but her giant bowl of Summer vegetable soba arrives and it seems okay for her to just pick around them?! ~shrug~ It looked damned delicious, and I didn't mind helping her finish off all the mushroom bits.

Soba in Sapporo

Kim and I both choose the Ten-don set. A selection of super crisp tenpura sitting on a bed of rice with a splash of sauce. There's a little pot of chawanmushi - a just set custard, sesame spinach, pickles, shredded negi and wasabi and a plate of cold soba noodles. A delicious meal to keep us moving on another day of adventures ....

Soba in Sapporo

Oh my, check out these umbrella lockers we spotted on the way out. Too cool!

Soba in Sapporo

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