Sunday, September 27, 2009

Kamimura pt II, The Lunchening

We have blogged Kamimura before, but we had returned to take advantage of the great lunch deal taking place over summer. Five courses for three thousand yen...bargin. We met up with the Soaring Arrow and headed over. We met the manager, Michael at the door and have a bit of a chat. Summers been going well and the lunch deal is very popular. Seated and served very quickly, we are soon enjoying the sublime taste of creamy soft egg and caviar on toast as a little taste awakener.

Kamimura Kamimura

Next up a cute little martini glass layered with silky smoove (sic) potato puree, black truffle and veal consomme. Tasty!


The following dish perfect for the summer, Seasonal white fish crispy skinned and draped with lardo, sitting in a puddle of gazpacho, with peppery mustard greens and shaved parmesan. This is SO summer.



The last of the savoury dishes succulent roast Japanese pork with spinach, pancetta and mushrooms. Perfectly cooked still with a blush in the meat the feeling of umami ran rampent in our mouths long after the food was gone.


The finale not something you see often here, poached red rhubarb with creamy vanilla ice cream and a summer snow storm of white chocolate. Rhubarb, seriously cool.


With such a great experience I wish we had more time off over summer to return and confirm our great experience feelings were correct.

Kamimura Restaurant
1st Floor Yamashizen West
185-8 Aza-Yamada
Kutchan-cho, Hokkaido
044-0081, Japan

Telephone: +81 (0)136-21-2288
Fax: +81 (0)136-21-2288

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