Thursday, May 7, 2009

The importance of a good staff meal ...

Staff meals are fundamental to a productive happy team.  I find it a challenge being able to make something tasty, exciting and nourishing for very little cost out of things your find lying around a commercial kitchen.  Sometimes we'd even get spoilt with a dessert, like here.  

On this particular occasion, H has whipped up an omu rice.  We enjoy the omu rice we've tasted at Pomme-no-ki but homemade is just something else.  

The rice was fried with peas, negi and some soy then half covered by a paper thin omlette.  Resting on top were some crisp sliced of chicken katsu (which we use for the kids menu :)) and a delicious terriyaki Otaru bacon and mushroom mix.


As long as we're eating this well every night, or close to, you can be guaranteed we'll be a productive happy team!

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