Tuesday, May 26, 2009

One of the hardest things to find on our travels ...

And what would that be? A humble home-cooked meal. Home-cooked by a loved one, a friend, a Mother, a Father, an Uncle, an Aunty. Yes eating pho in Hanoi, amazing. Eating a rich coconut curry in Southern Thailand or a bowl of Khao Soi up North, amazing.

But now being able to go and enjoy a home-cooked meal, something we're familiar with and grown up with is a real treat. It is sometimes the case that these people get nervous cooking for us, because we're chef's, and think we like all that fancy stuff. But that's so far from the truth ... okay, maybe at work we have the luxury of spanking industrial kitchens with all the gadgets under the sun, crockery galore and also a whole team of people behind us to prepare these meals, but some of our most satisfying meals are cooked at home, and most importantly shared with someone/'s we love.

Our first stop while down in Nowra we were treated with a delicious beef stew. A stew where you could taste the love and care that went into chopping the vegetables, cooking for hours and adjusting the seasoning just so. Served to the side, some mashed potatoes, steamed carrots and peas. Ahhh.

Beef stew

Then on another occasion, my Mum and Aunty cooked a delicious Morrocan braised chicken dish, with roast almonds and chickpeas with an orange, avocado and rocket salad and lemon and raisin cous cous. So, this is not something I grew up with, but the flavours and components were familiar, and I was so impressed to see the effort and thought put into this delicious meal. So delicious, that it was finished before I even thought about taking a photo. But, just to put the cherry on the pie, home-made crumble.


The crumble was made with local Shoalhaven rhubarb and apples. They were stewed with a touch of brown sugar and some lemon. The crumbly topping revealing the delicious sweet pink stew underneath. All with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream melting down through it. Just divine!

Now matter how far or wide we roam, we still enjoy a good meal at home.

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