Thursday, May 28, 2009

No pork here, only chicken.

It was washing day, which actually sees us venture up to the main road of Kamala for lunch. (We'll see you tomorrow, Muslim food) We stumbled across a little ma and pa set up on the side of the road that was pumping with locals. We squeeze ourselves onto the last table left. We do the cardinal sin of trying to order pork, not realizing it's actually another muslim place. Oops! With our order now in, 1 kra pow gai and 1 khao pad gai we're set to go.

There's a decent amount of condiments on the table which gives us some idea of the broad range of food they do here.

Kamala Beach

The kra pow was okay. The meat was quite oily and the egg a bit overdone for my liking, but did the job.

Kamala Beach

As did the fried rice. A nice simple stir fry of rice, chicken, gai lan and tomato seasoned with fish sauce and a touch of garlic. There's some slices of cucumber, tomato and a spring onion on top.

Kamala Beach

It did fill our bellies, but I think tomorrow might be lunch at Muslim food again ...

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