Thursday, May 21, 2009

飲茶 Yum Cha at Kam Fook, Bondi

It's amazing that we can be spoilt with an array of incredible foods at our fingertips, but it is those simple pleasures that Kim and I miss most. 

Sunday yum cha is one we always reminisce about, wherever in the world we are. Sunday yum cha brings back memories of laughter, fun and eating with friends. (This one time, at Zilver with Jess and Stu, one of the little trolleys caught FIRE! it was insane, firefighters, evacuation and all. Good times!) We've enjoyed dim sum aboard on our travels, but do always look forward to being back in Sydney. Maybe it's a bit of nostalgia, or maybe Sydney does yum cha really well. 

Kam Fook

We're over at Westfield Bondi before a big days shopping to stock up on the essentials, so what better to fill our belly's with tea and tasty treats. Up on the top floor of the massive shopping mall is Kamfook.  We arrive early, thankfully, so there's no wait today. We're seated and get straight to it. Our first visitor, a very smiley dumpling lady which we gleefully take from her, prawn, spinach and scallop, sui mai and steamed bbq pork buns. With a lick of chilli and a pot of tea we're off ....

Kam Fook

The gai lan lady has kind of set up shop beside our table. We nod for a bunch. Mmm, fresh green vegetables. Then we spot the BBQ lady and give her a nod. Within moments she's by our side. It's duck that's on the cards today, but she apologizes as there's none left on her trolley, but assures us she'll be back. Indeed she was, moments later with a plate of glistening BBQ duck glazed with a touch of sauce and a few roast peanuts. Yum!

Kam Fook

We get a little impatient waiting for the fried rice noodle trolley, as we spotted it over the other side of the room when we arrived and it hasn't managed to move to far ... so we put our order in with one of the young guys and he delivers it back to us. A plate of fresh rice noodles, with dried shrimp and spring onion, fried until crispy. Then there's the sauce, oh the sauce. A duo of a peanut paste and hoi sin.

Kam Fook

Lastly we share a plate of pork pies. A delicious flaky pastry encasing a bbq pork filling, glazed with egg and topped with a few sesame seeds.

Kam Fook

Now with full, content stomachs we're ready for shopping!

Shop 6010, Level 6
Westfield Shopping Centre
1oo Oxford Street
Bondi Junction, Sydney, Australia
Tel: 02-93869889


eden said...

oooh kam fook at bondi!
havn't tried this one, but now i'm realy craving the rice noodle with the hoi sin/peanut saucee
forgot the chinese nam for ittho -_-
will go on monday!!

Kat and Kim said...

We miss the rice noodle so much. Hard to find decent Chinese in Japan.