Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tokyo tako.

Leaving on a jet plane, don't know when I'll eat good food again.... isn’t that how the song goes? Or it should. In our travels we've been in not a small amount of airports and had not a small amount of pre flight atrocities when there's no other place to go, I'm looking at you Miami, just to pick random name. South East Asian airport may tend to not be the most well run, but usually you can still pick up some great food (Bali excepted). Tokyo though blends the two nicely, a super modern, super efficient airport that still caters for the nations obsession with food. We pulled in at this little takoyaki bar, two girls cranking out row after row of takoyaki to the hungry people sitting at the bar as well as from the small takeaway on the side.


We decide on one plate with mayo and green onion and a plate with three dips.
Taking the time while the takoyaki cook to snap a few action shots, the nonstop flow of dumplings is really impressive, the polished moves of the tako girls have obviously been honed making a few thousand or so.



The first takoyaki; plenty of tako and bits to batter ratio, plenty of mayo and green onion. It’s good.


The second eight plain takoyakis, with a side dish of ume salt, ponzu and soy.


If we don't find a good takoyaki near us there's going to be a lot of international flights in our future (not a bad thing either).

Takoyaki bar
Upstairs Narita International Airport
Tokyo, Japan

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