Monday, May 11, 2009

Mini burger cookies, too cute!


We popped into Pelican burger before we left for holiday to say goodbye. It was nice to just sit down and chew the fat. The burger shop was also closed, they were just there cleaning up, and it was Gyu+ bar's closing party the following night (can't believe we missed it by one day!)

We were sitting and enjoying a nice cup of freshly brewed Iwata organic coffee when Joanna runs to the fridge and unveils something so amazing cute! Baby burger cookies! They were a delicious crumbly almost shortbread like cookie. It was the same dough just flavored and coloured and shaped into it's little burger shapes. The bun was vanilla, topped with a few sesame seeds. The patty, chocolate and the lettuce matcha - green tea. There was even a dollop of icing for the cheese. Joanna was asking what we thought about somehow adding a 'tomato'. My first though was a slice of dehydrated strawberry. But that may decrease the shelf life, and honestly, they were cute enough and I don't think it really needed it.


How freakin' cool are they? and they were absolutely delicious ....


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Kat and Kim said...

Yes too cute. We're looking forward to their return in summer.