Sunday, May 31, 2009

All these years on, we can still get a pad sii eew in the same spot

We'd looked for it on our way to Muslim Food for a few days, as years ago when we first came to Kamala, on the headland end of the beach, parked alongside the road, was another lunch favorite. There was a scooter with a cabinet full of fresh fruit and giant bottles of soft drink, and sitting on the side, a wok and an esky filled with whatever she'd obtained at the markets that morning. We were kind of not expecting to see her, it had been a while, and she was a completely mobile restaurant. But, on our way for lunch one day, shock!, she's set up. In exactly the same spot. (Must have had a few days off for Songkran).


Years ago when we came here, pad sii eew gai was our lunch of choice, and today's no different. She takes some gail lan from the esky and chops it up. This gets fried in the wok with chicken, garlic and sweet soy and then big rice noodles are added. A good raining of dried chilli flakes and we're good to go.


We do notice the absence of egg today, but, they were probably out by the time she got to the market.

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