Monday, May 4, 2009

Orizzonte, Pizza pizzaz.

"Orinzonte, ah very famous, not the best but very famous", is what we were told by the bar tender from Bar Espana when we asked if he knew it. We had planned a visit there and now we were doubting. Many places are famous, doesn't make them any good though. Still not ones to let others make up our minds we popped in anyway, situated two blocks off ekimine, you can spot the piled firewood outside as you approach.


Inside the kitchen has huge glass window that lets you see whats going on, (keeps the chefs on their best behavior).


We were seated and decided to have a few starters and a pizza, now in keeping with only wanting to write this blog in order to tell you about the good things we have eaten and seen and not be restaurant critics, (unless anyone out there is offering a job...hint hint.) I can't remember the starters not a thing. But the pizza, vavavoom, a big sexy thin crusted beast, topped with prosciutto and dollops of marscaopne.


This is why they are famous. The next time we go back, and there will be a next time, we'll just order two pizzas. Tasty Tasty Tasty.

Minami 2 Nishi 5 Bldg.
1F, Minami 2 Nishi 5
Japan 060-0062
+81 (0)11 222 0021

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