Thursday, May 28, 2009

Maps away.

So after several lengths caused by a stubborn refusal to watch the tutorial we are going to hopefully put maps to places with, hope hope (like we're not slothful already)a little retroactive mapping of past blogs.
So with a few quick photos of another tatsy meal had at Muslim food, Kamala, heres the first map.
The ubiquitious pad kra pow, fragrant, spicy and exploding with flavor. You can't avoid it if you're in Thailand, nor should you if it's made well. Always goes well with a fried egg with a runny yolk. I always like pork for this as the sweet meat carries well with the seasonings, but this being a muslim place, well ya make do.

Kamala Beach

Pad see ew - stir fried sweet soy, with what you please, over what you please. In this case pad see ew gai sin yai -with chicken and fat rice noodles. Had the addition of yellow soy beans which was nice, usually I like a little more soy so this was a little light for me and not quite worked enough in the wok to get the nice smokey flavor. Still you learn, some things they do great, others you don't order again, s'all good.

Kamala Beach

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