Friday, May 29, 2009

It doesn't matter how good the burger, would it kill you to smile?, Rockfish, Kamala

The breakfast sets at Rockfish are a steal. But they're also really tasty. It was definitely apparent they had a new chef there this trip, a lot of the food was still fairly similar, it was just executed really well. The breakfast sets are available from 8am until 11am then they switch over to the Restaurant by Day, 11am until 5pm menu. There's a fair selection from light bites, salads, pasta, burgers, big bites and even a little Thai section.

We're both in the mood for a burger today. Kim picks the grilled chicken with chunky guacamole and a chorizo and cherry tomato relish on ciabatta. The ciabatta is delicious, nice and crunchy on the outside and light on the inside. There's a whole grilled chicken breast, still nice and juicy, sitting on some romaine lettuce leaves. The guacamole is chunky, is creamy, is delicious. And the chorizo and cherry tomato relish is sweet and sour with a little kick of chilli. There's a generous amount of crispy, golden, fries that are cooked perfectly, and there's even a ramekin of home-made aioli to go with the fries. (I'm definitely a mayo/aioli girl when it comes to fries over ketchup any day).

Kamala Beach

My choice today is the Australian wagyu beef burger. The first thing I notice is the bun. It's a very well made hamburger bun, nice and soft and covered in little sesame seeds. There's a juicy whack-of-a beef patty with the gruyere cheese melting down it's sides. It's sitting on romaine lettuce and a dill pickle mayonnaise and there's a spicy tomato relish, similar to that on the chicken, just with no chorizo. The same mountain on golden fries and some aioli. Heaven!

Kamala Beach

The food was all delicious! Nice and simple lunch fare executed really well. It's just a shame the service was almost non-existent, and when it was, very arrogant.

Rockfish Restaurant & Bar
33/6 Kamala Beach Rd
Phuket, Thailand, 83120
Tel: 076 279 732
Fax: 076 278 020

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