Thursday, May 7, 2009

Japanese fast food on a road trip, Katsu-mania!

On our way home after a quick visit to Sapporo we're both a little hungry. It's our first time driving into and out of Sapporo, so we're both concentrating on the driving and keeping an eye out for the signs. Almost out of the city we're really hungry now .... and as much as I'm wishing something would just jump out at me, like the golden arches, but not the golden arches, I'm thinking it might turn into SeicoMart hot chef lunch at any moment.

But then, just as I hoped it would, it jumped out at me. A shopfront plastered in sporadic wood planks, giant red kanji and something that just screamed out that there was a whole range of tasty's waiting inside. ''Kim, Kim, take the next left'' I exclaim. He seems a little puzzled as to what I'd seen but around we go. We trace back and find a park, then in we go.


I don't know why I had such a strong feeling that something delicious was waiting for us inside this wooden front building, but it certainly was.  What we discovered was a katsu shop.  Yup, just katsu's!  All be-it about 25 varieties and ways you could enjoy your katsu.  It was katsu-mania.  We point and order a couple of things from the menu. Firstly a cheese-u katsu. It's super crunchy with a mountain of freshly shaved white cabbage, rice and pickles.


Japanese curry katsu was also delicious. Slices of pork katsu sitting on a bed of rice and floating in a pool of Japanese curry sauce with some pickled ginger.


But the star of the show, something we noticed advertised by posters on the wall, the katsu sandwich. Now I love a good sandwich, and quite often the simple 2 or 3 filling ones are the best! And simple this was indeed. Plump pork katsu with a super crispy coating was sandwiched between 2 crustless slices of white bread. There was a scraping of butter and a splash of terriyaki sauce. Sublime! We add a little extra ton-katsu sauce from the pot sitting on our table.


Re-fuelled and nursing content tummy's we are again on our way ...


Su-Lin said...

How do they get the bread to so gently hug the katsu?! I want that sandwich!

Kat and Kim said...

OMG, I know ... this sandwich was A M A Z I N G !
We will try and stop here our next trip to Sapporo ... if we can find it :)